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Saandhwanam Charitable Society is a nonprofit social service organization started by a dedicated team of social workers in May 2000 and was formally inaugurated on September 3, 2000. The society currently houses inmates ranging from the age of 5 years to 10 years and shelters sixty (60) Children.,As an extension of the activities of Saandhwanam, the following organizations were also set up:‘Sthree Charitable Society’ for Girls was started in April 2008. The Society currently houses girls ranging from the age of 10 days to 25 years (total of 30 children);SAANDVANAM BARATHEYA CHARITABLE TRUST for aged and unsupported mothers was started in the month of April 2007. The Trust houses mothers ranging from the age of 60 years and above (Total strength of 30); A home for aged men was started in 2010. NamedSANDVANAM SARANALAYAM, the Trust houses aged men ranging from 60 yrs and above (Total strength of 20).A total of about 68 children (including boys and girls) attend various schools from Saandhwanam homes. Our Vision & Strength .The various trusts under the Saandhwanam umbrella support over 140 inmates including children and aged people. When they joined Saandhwanam, most of the inmates were unsheltered and lacking in comfort, love and care.It is common knowledge that the number of orphaned children and unsupported older people in India is increasing at a rapid rate because of various reasons including poverty and disorganized family conditions. Due to lack of guidance and a supportive family environment, a large number of orphaned children end up as hardened criminals. Under extreme poverty, a large number also become victims of crime and anti-social activities. The situation is so bad that in some cases, such unsupported children have been observed to compete with stray dogs for a bite of food from trash bins.At Saandhwanam, we aim to provide a platform for the isolated and downtrodden in the society with the objective of ensuring social justice. We also target to provide comprehensive rehabilitation, treatment and education for the differently abled and to enable them to become personally adequate so as to hasten their reentry into the mainstream society. We realize that the situation cannot be changed overnight, but we work with the belief and confidence that we can at least help a few unfortunate children and elders to change their unfavorable conditions and focus on leading a normal life without being dragged down in life by poverty, lack of education or family support


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Our timings

[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Mon: 6:00AM  -  9:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Tue: 6:00AM  -  9:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Wed: 6:00AM  -  9:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Thu: 6:00AM  -  9:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Fri: 6:00AM  -  9:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Sat: 6:00AM  -  9:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Sun: 6:00AM  -  9:00PM


Sivagiri Jn, Aluva East, NAD Post, Kochi, -
+91 8079408353  or   or    (Trouble calling us?)
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9.931233 76.267304 Sandhwanam Sivagiri Jn, Aluva East, NAD Post, Kochi, -